Me, walking up Mam Tor, walking away from the cameraMe, walking up Mam Tor, walking away from the camera

A backend developer with a craft for problem solving and embracing the outdoors

A seasoned developer committed to shaping a brighter future in the digital space, delivering effective solutions to everyday challenges.

Out of hours, I'm an avid car guy who is always happy to be the designated driver. On the weekend I'll likely be out in the wilderness on hikes.

Core Values

Problem Solving

Over 5 years I've delivered positive impacts to marketing teams through greater autonomy to everyday tasks.


Searching for new ways of working with the foresight of where technology is headed.


Supporting developers of all levels to define company standards while catering to individual styles.


A collection of what I've worked on over the years, from in-house tools to client sites.

  • Raptor SDK

    2018 -

    Built in-house as an end-to-end suite of packages, that has become an integral part of day-to-day operations. For the developers, marketers and end-users.

    The biggest achievement of the SDK by far is the commitment to meaningful change in an era of automation and forward-thinking, with plans to explore AI integration.

    A page builder tool which transformed how websites are built, allowing marketing teams to construct pages with flexibility without developer intervention.

    Delivered company-wide presentation explaining the purpose and benefits of the SDK.

    • bash
    • webpack
    • JavaSript
    • SCSS
    • PHP
    • WordPress
    • Next.js
    • Node.js
  • Care Concern Group

    2021 -

    Care homes websites on the same design with unique branding capabilities for each, built in its entirety from the ground up as we took the plunge into the headless ecosystem.

    Next.js frontend, with Styled Components for styling, paired with WordPress as the CMS over a GraphQL connection.

    Scalability is the key factor for success on the account, currently operating ~50 websites.

    • Next.js
    • GraphQL
    • JavaSript
    • Styled Components
    • SCSS
    • PHP
    • WordPress
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  • Hosting Migration


    Leading a large-scale hosting migration plan, involving ~150 websites. I led the initial scoping meetings and created the strategies for migrations, as well as sharing company-wide bulletins.

    The move is seeing websites receive core/plugin updated more regularly thanks to a new automated tool, saving man-hours in the support team.

    Other tasks now handled by the platform include: environment provisioning, SSL setup, developer access, server updates. In total saving a projected ~£10K annually.